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Viboxo SoundSenses CLG. Orla O'Sullivan. see the music. feel the music. experience the sound.

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Viboxo SoundSenses CLG. Orla O'Sullivan. See the music. Feel the music. Experience the sound in vibrant colours, through touch and ISL Sign Language.

Orla O'Sullivan's Good Vibrations - an inspiring true tale

Speak With Your Hands To Listening Eyes. Chopin Nocturne in C Sharp Minor (Arr: Orla O'Sullivan in Subtitled ISL)

Excerpts from a 2013 advanced class at Frankfield Music Studio.

The class features Grade 4 student Anna.

******Orla O'Sullivan's Good Vibrations ******

Producer Christine Thornton writes about her remarkable new RTÉ documentary Good Vibrations, a portrait of Deaf and Visually Impaired pianist and music teacher Orla O'Sullivan.

"When RTÉ put out a call for a documentary exploring the experiences of Ireland’s Deaf community, I started thinking about what my life would be like if I became deaf and what I would miss the most.

Music quickly came to mind as it is one of my greatest loves and so it prompted me to wonder how does a Deaf person experience music. Do they ‘hear’ it? If so, how? Can they enjoy it the way I do? Can you learn music if you are deaf?  So much ignorance on my part and so many questions needing answers.

I typed in music + deaf into Google and up popped the name Orla O’Sullivan. Though we are both from Cork, I was annoyed (and a little ashamed) that I had never heard of her. As soon as I started to read about her musical achievements I knew I had to meet her to learn more about her life and work. And if I was lucky enough, she might let me make a documentary about her.

When Orla was six weeks old, she became Deaf and Visually Impaired after receiving life saving medication for double pneumonia.
Her mother Betty was determined that she would be treated the same as her siblings, and would be given all the same opportunities. In spite of her profound deafness, Betty was determined that Orla would talk and so she started to teach her nursery rhymes which helped her speech. Refusing to accept Orla’s profound deafness, Betty would play songs on the piano and would hold Orla’s little fingers on the keys so that she could ‘feel’ the different sounds through the vibrations. From the first note, Orla was mesmerized and this was the beginning of her experience of the sound of music. Little did Betty realize that she had already put Orla on her musical path and future career.

Orla O'Sullivan with her partner Danny and son John Amadeus
I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that Orla went on to not only play classical piano but that today she also teaches piano and keyboard to the hearing and the deaf….and to exam standard. She uses ISL to communicate with her deaf students and speaks to her hearing students. Lessons take hours of preparation for Orla who has to magnify the pages of notes and memorise them.

I loved Orla from our first meeting. Her no nonsense attitude and ‘can do’ approach in spite of the obstacles that have been put her way is not only impressive but inspiring. Her passion for music is palpable and while it gives her great personal enjoyment, it is her determination to share this joy with others in the deaf community that drives her. I was fascinated to learn that in between teaching and parenting her son John Amadeus with partner Danny, Orla has spent the last number of years developing a music teaching tool, Sound Senses. She is currently exploring ways to further refine this audio-visual tactile tool. Her dream is that one day every deaf child or adult has the opportunity to learn music. "

People Of The Year Award Winner 2013..

For her dedication. For her innovation. For her revolutionary method in the teaching of music.
The recently enhanced Viboxo Sound Senses system (VSSS) further enables deaf students to learn music to the highest standard. In 2016 a deaf pupil became the first to achieve a distinction in her first music exam using the system.

This is documented proof that the (VSSS) system works. There will be other successes and more distinctions into the future. It means that Deaf and other sensory impaired students can now match their non-sensory impaired peers.
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Orla O'Sullivan's with her son John A 2021. inspiring


Music Tuition on top quality (Yamaha) grand piano.

And on (Roland) digital piano, and keyboard.

Theory, Aural and Sight Reading Skills (exam standard)

Qualified and experienced teacher (26years)

(Dip. .A.T.C.L , Dip. Y.C.W ( U.C.C), Teacher’s cert CT VCM)

Excellent Exam Results

Exams Optional

Beginners to Advanced

Focused Tuition given for Inter and Leaving Cert Practical Exams.

The studio is located in Frankfield, Cork. Just a two minute drive from the Kinsale Road Roundabout. Parking is free.


(One trial lesson for one individual fee can be arranged by special request for new students)
All other current fees are payable by term only. One term can run between 12 and 14 weeks. The terms usually coincide with Department of Education guidelines.


Per 30 MINS __ €22

Orla is available for piano and keyboard lessons in the Cork City area. She is a qualified and experienced teacher and is happy to teach all ages and experience levels. She has been teaching since 1991. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, want to take exams for piano grades or just want to play for fun, Orla can help. Contact Orla for details.

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