new CD

Sound Senses

Orla's album "Sound Senses" is out, and you can buy it here! The CD contains solo piano pieces from extracts of Bach, Schubert, Chopin, John Field, Phil Coulter and many more. All her pieces are played from memory, and she spends many many hours to perfect her playing. Due to her low vision, she uses magnification to enlarge the scores and memorises each bar one at a time. Orla feels that music is a great healing therapy for the body mind and soul. It also activates a person’s brain and may help make them brainier in other aspects in general.

“Without music, life would be an error,” quotes Friedrich Nietzsche.

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Feel the Sound

Orla, who is not totally deaf but profoundly deaf, says that even if someone is totally deaf he/she can still feel and hear the sound. She feels and hears the sound through vibrations which is then interpreted by the brain. It is the sense of hearing and touch that can do this. Also with sight, the brain creates the sound through movement. She hopes that the CD will stimulate the listener to enjoy the experience of being entertained. Sound Senses will be launched shortly and it will be available for sale on my website.

“Being deaf and partially sighted does not stop me from doing what I want.”
Orla is very determined to continue to achieve her ambitions in music.

To quote Socrates “Thus education by the means of music is most excellent, as rhythm and harmony may reach the centre of the soul most deeply and lent grace and dignity.”