Workshops and Demonstrations....

WXN TRAILBLAZER 2014. For her dedication and innovation to her work to bring music to the Deaf.

Summer Sing&Sign 2014.

See here the Facebook link to the stand alone Triskel ChristChurch segment Summer Sing&Sign 2014...

See videos featuring Summer Sing & Sign 2014. I was invited by director Sonya Keogh to play the music score on piano at the Triskel ChristChurch Centre. It was a very enjoyable experience. It was very well presented and directed.

Director Sonya Keogh was selected for a Hidden Hearing Heroes after this event. I was delighted to be one of those who put her name forward for the award nomination.

Two Musical Journeys. A DeafBlind Perspective.

This is a Deaf-Blind awareness event that took place in Cork on 4th-5th March 2011, organised by Cork Music Works. This workshop and performance featured Russ Palmer, iothe UK/Finland DeafBlind music therapist. This is one of four international events they undertook together

This is a rushed edit clip from the Maynooth DeafBlind Conference, February 25th 2012. You can fill most of the gaps by viewing the other videos.

A selection of still photographs from the Lifelong Learning Festival at the CIT-Cork School of Music, 05/04/2013.

This video is from the Lifelong Learning Festival at CIT-Cork School of Music, from April 2013. It shows a clip from the South Korean TV Documentary, featuring Young Chan and Orla O'Sullivan was broadcast on South Korean TV on November 5, 2012

See related South Korean link to the Young Chan documentary: 'Planet Of Snail'

On November 13th Orla O'Sullivan was a main event presenter and special guest at the SENSE Conference in London.

See below an excerpt from the revolutionary teaching methods developed by Orla O'Sullivan's mother Elizabeth O'Sullivan to teach diction, grammar, and speech to Orla